Woman grows nipple on sole of foot (NSFW?)


A 22-year-old woman sought medical care after noticing a "well-formed" nipple growing on the sole of her left foot. The nipple, complete with areola, hair, sweat and sebaceous glands, is the first known example of a "pseudomamma" in this unusual location.

"Anomalies associated with breast development are not uncommon," wrote Dr. Délio Marques Conde et al., authors of a clinical report published in Dermatology. " ... Supernumerary breast tissue is rarely found beyond the mammary line. However, the back, shoulder, face, and thigh have been described as sites of SBT development. ... To our knowledge, this is the first report of SBT on the foot."

Pseudomamma on the foot: An unusual presentation of supernumerary breast tissue [Dermatology via QT3]