Canada's new copyright law punishes blind and visually impaired people

Canada's Conservative government is set to bull through its copyright legislation, Bill C-11, which notoriously includes a special protection for "digital locks," making it illegal to remove such a lock even if you're not doing so for any unlawful purpose. That is, under Canada's proposed copyright law, it would be illegal to remove a digital lock from a copyrighted work that you, yourself, have created and own outright.

Michael Geist is running a blog series highlighting different groups of people who stand to lose from this stupid law. These are culled from the responses to the last consultation the Canadian government ran on the subject, in 2009, when Canadians overwhelming voiced their opposition to the plan. First up is Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired (PRCVI) British Columbia, "which works to assist blind and visually impaired students:"