Donate to the Ada Initiative, support women in free/open culture, get a snazzy Ada Lovelace pendant

Vaurora sez, "Wikipedia has 9% women editors, open source software a mere 2% women. You can change these numbers by donating to the Ada Initiative and getting a pendant with a portrait of Countess Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer. The Ada Initiative is the world's only non-profit dedicated entirely to increasing women in open technology and culture (open source, Wikipedia, Creative Commons, fan culture, etc.). Founded by Linux kernel file systems hacker Valerie Aurora and computational linguistics grad student Mary Gardiner in early 2011, the Ada Initiative has already made big changes in open technology and culture with projects like the conference anti-harassment policy. Today, you can attend over 30 conferences organized by people who agree that women shouldn't be harassed or groped (previously an opinion up for vigorous debate)!"

Support women in open technology and culture | Donate to the Ada Initiative

(Thanks, Vaurora, via Submitterator!)