Stirring "Gamer Girl Manifesto"

This "Gamer Girl Manifesto" is more stirring than any two minutes' worth of video has any right to be. The Mary Sue nails it:

Whether you refer to yourself as a Gamer Girl, a Girl Gamer or simply a Gamer, it's likely you've been singled out at one point or another for being a woman who plays video games. It might have been in a positive way but more often than not, it gets negative attention. A handful of ladies who play got together to make this video telling the world it's not acceptable for you to sexualize them for their mere existence in the video game world. They are there to kick ass and take names, just like everyone else. But they don't stop there, they also suggest fellow gamers don't be racist or homophobic and ask, "What kind of player are you?"

Gamer Girl Manifesto

(via The Mary Sue)