Jesse Thorn launches Bullseye, plus a torrent for every episode of Sound of Young America

In this week's Gweek podcast, our guest host was the Sound of Young America's Jesse Thorn. Jesse talked about his new radio show and podcast called Bullseye. Here's episode one of Bullseye. You can subscribe to it via iTunes. Jesse says:

It has culture picks from The AV Club, an interview with cast members of Downton Abbey, a chat with the Australian comedian-writer-actor-director Chris Lilley (whose show Angry Boys just premiered on HBO) and Dan Deacon on how Conlan Nancarrow's compositions for player piano changed his life.

And, as promised here's a torrent is for every Sound of Young America episode that exists. Jesse says, "It's over 15 gigabytes of audio and video. More than 500 episodes. Eleven years of the show."