Quick! Apply to taste Mars mission food during 120-day study in Hawaii

Yes, the deadline is tomorrow. But I know this is the perfect opportunity for at least one of you, so hop to it! Cornell and the University of Hawaii are putting together a series of studies aimed at finding out what it's going to take to keep people well-fed (both in the physical and psychological sense) during a trip to Mars. The research culminates in a 120-day analogue mission, during which subjects will live in a "Mars-like habitat", where they will eat nothing but rehydratable and instant space foods and will record data on factors like bodily odors and emotional well-being. If you've got a bachelor's degree in the sciences or engineering, a desire to contribute to the future of space travel, and a strong stomach, this might be the study for you! Here's the information on how to apply. (Via Paleofuture)