Elderly perv falsely diagnosed cancer in women so he could sexually assault, use weird gadgets on them

In Wales, 77 year old Reginald Gill has been sent to prison for 8 years after falsely "diagnosing" cancer for women who sought health aid.

Gill, who is not a doctor, gave the women phony homeopathic treatment for their phonily-diagnosed cancer, including the use of these bogus healing machines and a form of electroshock therapy.

He told one woman she could be cured of cancer if a man sucked her breasts for half an hour each day.

He sexually assaulted victims in a variety of ways, including sticking gadgets up orifices:

[One] victim, who had experience of and was interested in alternative therapies, told the court that Mr Gill had examined her internally before telling her she had cancer and that he could "get rid of most of it today".

He then inserted an instrument inside her which gave her electric shocks. The court was told that after 20 minutes Mr Gill removed the machine and he and Mrs Gill rubbed oil on her chest before using another machine on the same area.

Initially the victim had told police that she didn't think Mr Gill was getting any sexual gratification but she later said his heavy breathing suggested he was.

Some of his victims were men; some did, in fact, have cancer.
The Gill case was first exposed on a BBC television program.

All of this is yet another reason to run screaming when offered "alternative" treatment for cancer. But it's not just the woo-peddlers, homeopaths, and quacks: when I was trying to find a place to go get my first mammogram, I remember reading online reviews of one local women's breast cancer screening clinic. Reviews written by women who'd gone there. Those reviews detailed first-hand accounts of sexually inappropriate touching and skeevy come-on vibes, from the male medical practitioner who ran the clinic. Cancer patients, and women in particular, beware.