Reading With Pictures Kickstarter project to produce high-quality textbooks in graphic novel form

Reading With Pictures is a great textbook in graphic novel form, which contains several short stories in comic form, each of which teaches elements of the US grades 3-6 core curriculum. I got a preview of the book at last year's New York Comic-Con and it is a fantastic effort. The 501(c)3 charity that produced the book has launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking to raise $65,000 to print the book and an accompanying teacher's guide. $10 donors get the DRM-free ebook; $25 donors get a hardcover print book. There's also a set of trading cards, as well as opportunities to get some of the outstanding original art.

Aimed at grades 3-6, The Graphic Textbook features a dozen short stories (both fiction and non-fiction) that address topics in a variety of disciplines (Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, Science) drawn from the list of Common Core Standards used in classrooms countrywide. The accompanying Teacher's Guide will include Standards-correlated lesson plans customized to each story, research-based justifications for using comics in the classroom, a guide to establishing best classroom practices and a comprehensive listing of additional educational resources.

The Graphic Textbook will prove once and for all that comics belong in the classroom by creating a comic that every teacher will actually want to use and a textbook that every student will actually want to read!

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(Thanks, Matt!)