Gweek 048: A Startling Look Into the World That's Coming!


Gweek is Boing Boing's podcast about comic books, science fiction and fantasy, video games, board games, tools, gadgets, apps, and other neat stuff. My co-hosts for episode 48 are Michael Pusateri, a lifelong tinkerer and former television tech executive for Disney who blogs at, Rob Beschizza, Boing Boing's managing editor, and Peter Bebergal, the author of Too Much to Dream: A Psychedelic American Boyhood (Soft Skull Press) who writes frequently on the speculative and slightly fringe. He blogs at


In this episode:

 Books 1314747729L 11293842We discuss Peter Bebergal's book, Too Much to Dream: A Psychedelic American Boyhood.

201204191552Peter shares his story of a Johnson Smith catalog fail as a child.

201204191558Michael has good things to say about the comic book, Fanboys Vs. Zombies.

201204191553Peter recommends The White People and Other Weird Stories, by Arthur Machen.

Peter likes the new Daredevil comic book by Mark Waid.

201204191600Mark goes on and on about the upcoming Popeye comic book.

In music, Rob has several recommendations: The Belbury Tales, by Belbury Poly; Itsy Bits & Bubbles, by Twink; and Com Truise's stuff in general.

Peter recommends the EP Earth Has Doors by Wymond Miles; and A Young Persons Guide by Mark McGuire.

In movies, Michael recommends the 2006 movies The Fall.

Websites! Michael recommends the website Prismatic, Mark likes the Dark Gate Comic Slurper, and Peter likes the Grand Comics Database.

Screen Shot 2012-04-19 At 4.20.37 Pm
In apps, Rob likes 1-Bit Camera, and Mark likes the Lumin app that turns his iPhone into a $(removed) magnifying glass.

Screen Shot 2012-04-19 At 4.23.41 Pm
Peter recommends OSRIC, the Old School Reference & Index Compilation

Screen Shot 2012-04-19 At 4.26.49 Pm
In tools, Michael likes the True Utility Key Tool (not to be confused with the False Utility Key Tool)

201204191628Peter talks about the joy of Analog synth kits, especially kits from GetLoFi .

Mark feels happy wearing his Nobis Anorak.