CongressTMI campaign: give Congress Too Much Information and tell them how crazynuts CISPA is

Zakkai sez, "We have the feeling that even CISPA's sponsors don't understand how ridiculous their bill is. Do government agencies and corporations really need to be able to spy on us all the time for any reason? To draw attention to how unnecessary and inappropriate CISPA is, Fight for the Future is launching the CongressTMI campaign along with a coalition of organizations including the ACLU, EFF and Avaaz. The CongressTMI campaign organizes internet users to flood CISPA sponsors' Twitter accounts with our uninteresting and useless personal data (Too Much Information or TMI) – the kind of information that the government will have access to if CISPA passes. But if it does pass, we won't be able to keep the government away from data we don't think is funny, like our personal email or search history. In fact, we'll barely have any privacy rights at all. Hopefully this deluge of mundane crap will be enough to open some eyes in congress and get some internet citizens excited about fighting for their rights."

Congress ending privacy with CISPA? Fight back with TMI!

(Thanks, Zakkai!)