Weighthacker: weight-loss for geeks

Former Boing Boing guestblogger and all-round* happy mutant Craig Engler sez,

Weighthacker.com is a new site for geeks who want to lose weight and
get fit. It takes the latest science and research about nutrition and
weight loss and translates it into practical, daily advice that geeks
can incorporate into their existing lifestyles.

Things like playing games, a love of gadgets and surfing the Web are
often seen as contributing to a sedentary, unhealthy existence. But
with Weighthacker, those geeky passions can be used as the foundation
of a healthy life. Weighthacks aren't short cuts, they're smart cuts.
They're the smartest, most optimal things people can do to lose

I'm also crowdfunding a how-to book called "Weight Hacking: A Guide
For Geeks Who Want To Lose Weight And Get Fit." The book will be a
complete operating system for nerds who want to lose weight and get
healthier. It will include stories of celebrity geeks who've lost
weight, like beloved author Neil Gaiman and BoingBoing editor Cory
Doctorow. And Bonnie Burton, who wrote the Star Wars Craft Book, will
be creating new healthy "Food Crafts" for Weight Hacking.


*Actually, a lot less round, these days