ToorCamp: Hack/Make under the stars

George writes,

ToorCamp, the American Hacker
Camp, is back again this summer! Although there is no missile
this time, the weather/environment should be a lot more
pleasant on the beach in Washington state. The 5-day (August 8-12)
open-air event is open to all hackers, makers, breakers, and shakers
to build projects, exchange ideas with the brightest technology folk
from around the world, toast a few marshmallows, and just geek out
amongst the trees.

There are on-going talks,
(including things like hardware hacking, welding, penetration testing,
brewing and others), contests, and art projects. [PRO-TIP: We're still
accepting submissions if you have something you'd like to present.]
And of course, there is plenty of outdoors — stunning scenery, whale
watching, surfing, birding, etc. The camp itself has everything you
need: power, internet, food and fun.

We are encouraging attendees to set up a campsite with their
friends/maker-space/group, and we'd like to offer all Boing Boing
readers a discount code ('bboingrocks!' good until July 1st) for an
Happy Mutants Campsite!

Bring a tent, make some friends, and learn a few things. Look
forward to seeing everybody there!