America's greatest trivia minds get their party on in Vegas next month

Tony says:

If you haven't heard of the Trivia Championships of North America, well, that's understandable. It's only the second year for TCONA, but this year's event, taking place from August 10-12 at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, will already be bigger, with more players, more pub quiz hosts from around the country, more medal events, more discussion panels, more game shows field-testing and casting for players, and all the general Las Vegas convention bonding and tomfoolery that typically goes on at these things.

Local pub quiz hosts from around the continent will be showing off their local flavors of bar trivia in the Pub Quiz Lounge, there's a weekend-long Quiz Bowl tournament, representatives from the Learned League, and other online trivia comunities will be doing live events, something called Knodgeball (which is, yes, a cross between trivia and dodgeball), and you'll get to hang out with Jeopardy! champions, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire winners, and others who have ascended to the top of the trivia mountain. There's also a podcast, with sample questions and details on the various events.

Registration for the whole weekend is only $150 if you book before July 25. If you're into these particular kinds of nerd games, this should be the highlight of your year.

Trivia Championships of North America | The TCONA Podcast