Possible spoilers: What NYC landmark might be making a creepy cameo on Doctor Who?

The picture has already made the rounds on the internet, but in case this was the first you're hearing of this delightful Doctor Who news, I put it after the jump. Rumor has it, however, that a famous New York landmark (that is not in New Jersey, hint hint) might be making a cameo appearance in the show's upcoming seventh season as one of its most feared villains. And as we know, the Who crew were in New York earlier this year filming scenes that may or may not have been part of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill's farewell episode, and that the Weeping Angels were involved in that episode. While this is truly exciting to read about, I'm more excited that I get to make — hint hint — Ghostbusters 2 references for the second day in a row. Picture and story after the jump, and I'll warn you: it's very cool.

According to the tabloid site Daily Star, New York City's most popular harbor chick, the Statue of Liberty, might be turned into a Weeping Angel for the Amy and Rory farewell episode. The accompanying picture seems to be 100 percent unofficial and not from the show, but gives us a really great idea of what the Doctor's beloved married companions might be facing in their final appearance. From Daily Star:

The Doctor and companions Amy and Rory travel to America to battle a new army of Weeping Angels.

And they get a massive shock when the 305 ft-tall statue in New York harbour turns out to be the biggest one of them all.

But it gets worse, because as we have learned over the past few months — because Steven Moffat is the person writing this show — the Ponds' encounter might be more tragic than usual. As the show runner has been saying since March:

"There will be a final showdown with the Weeping Angels.

"Not everyone gets out alive. And I mean it this time!"

So, all those times Rory died and came back? It's not going to be like that. Though Moffat doesn't name any particularly doomed names, does he?

If this is true, then this is a truly interesting and frightening use of the Statue of Liberty. I'm just wondering how she's going to make her move, and if they do, in fact, have Nikes in her size, Ray. Because I don't want her crumbling while making this kind of television appearance.

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