NYC conference for sofware artists seeks Kickstarting

Isabel sez,

We've created a conference that brings together some of the most cutting edge artists and curators working in new media and software art today…now we just need people to buy the conference tickets and attend. We're using Kickstarter for that, and the conference is October 16th at a major museum in New York City.

If you have a career at an interactive marketing or advertising agency, publisher, or software company, this is where you'll find the people making the inspiring work that you'll be referencing for the year to come. If you're in the gallery space, a museum curator or an art buyer, we hope you will come be blown away by the amazing new work that's exploding into the contemporary art space. Even if you're just personally interested in art that's made using a technological process, you can still support the cause (and get a mesmerizing t-shirt).

The LISA Conference: Leaders in Software and Art