Zombie Disney princesses fell under a scarier, less glamorous spell than usual

Ongoing evidence that Disney and the horror genre are not mutually exclusive: zombie Disney princesses. DeviantARTist Clocktowerman has a mashup collection that will surely delight horror fans, Disney fans, and geek parents who are gently attempting to introduce the scary beasties they love into their children's lives. After the jump, see a few selections from the artist's zombie princess collection, including a full-sized version of Snow White. These ladies aren't after princes for their riches — they're looking for a nice guy with a brain. A delicious, oxygen-rich brain, filled with blood sent from a still-beating heart.

Why they haven't made a zombie princess movie is beyond me.

Full-size Zombie Snow White

Zombie Belle

Zombie Cinderella

Zombie Ariel (zombies under the sea!)

Clocktowerman does tons of horror-inspired artwork (including Ronald McDonald), so his page is definitely worth a look.

Zombie Disney princesses seek Prince Charming — and brains [Mashable]

UPDATE: It's been pointed out by a commenter that Clocktowerman's work is very similar to that of Rob Sacchetto, who was featured on Boing Boing for his own brand of zombie-themed artwork earlier this week. Visit Sacchetto's Zombie Portraits site so you can contrast, compare, and judge for yourselves.