Disney Imagineers go behind the scenes in new video series

If you like knowing what makes things happen at the happiest places on earth, you're in luck. Inspired by TV segments of yore starring Walt Disney himself, Disney Imagineers have launched a new video series called "We Call It Imagineering."

This series showcases the work Imagineers are doing to shape our next great big, beautiful tomorrow. These are the folks who make the impossible possible, and the sky's the limit as Imagineers take you through how they are designing, innovating and creating these new experiences. It's right there in the name — Imagineering is a combination of imagination and engineering, and we can't wait to show you what they've been working on lately in the design and creative phase where projects go beyond blue sky. 

Disney Parks Blog

The debut video for the series looks at Audio-Animatronics and how story is woven together with art and technology –and it's really terrific!