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"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." – Martin Mull

Do you dig ambient drone? Are you deep into sixties psych? Curious about forest metal? Connoisseur of outernational grooves? Unclear on dubstep vs. brostep? Krautrock vs. kosmische? Fussy about free jazz? Wondering about wyrd folk? We are pleased to introduce our newly-designed Boing Boing Music page and several new features to guide you in your musical discovery! Some of what you can now expect to see on Boing Boing, all tidily organized over at Boing Boing Music:

* Daily record reviews from Aquarius Records: Remember when you'd hit your local record shop and the obsessive music geeks behind the counter would rant about the best new releases you've never heard of? That scene is going strong at San Francisco's Aquarius Records, the city's oldest independent record shop. Now, our friends at Aquarius are bringing their illuminating music reviews to Boing Boing, complete with video and audio snips so you can listen as you go.

* Weekly "Music Appreciation" guides: We've asked some of our favorite music writers to create ports-of-entry into unfamiliar, underrated, or downright overwhelming genres — from drone to hauntology. Today, Marcus Boon, author of In Praise of Copying and contributor to The Wire, shares his insider's guide to Global Bass. Coming soon, entries by Mark Pilkington of Strange Attractor and Erik Davis, author of Techgnosis.

* Plus, "Friday Freak-out" vintage videos, playlists, free downloads, and much more!

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