Photos from backstage at Disneyland

StoopidTrooper's "Backstage Disneyland" Imgur set is as good a collection of images of the behind-the-scenes action at Disneyland as I've ever seen. I'm especially gratified by all the pics from backstage at the Haunted Mansion, interacting with the animatronics and effects. Also included are some great shots of horseplay with the animals and human animatronics in the Jungle Cruise, and many shots of utility areas, such as boat-storage for the Jungle Cruise. I'm also delighted by all the shots of the control panels for the rides, which are pretty fascinating looks at the one-off interfaces developed by Imagineering to allow semi-trained Orange County teenagers to safely usher some of the wealthiest children on Earth through the bowels of dangerous heavy machinery.

Backstage Disneyland

(Thanks, skwiggly!)