Santastic 7: more mashups for the holiday season

djBC and friends have put out their seventh Santastic collection of holiday mashups, "It's a Wonderful Mash." Wonderful it is, too. I recommend starting with track 14, I Wanna Be Dentated – Blitzen's Bop (The Ramones vs The Three Stooges vs The Ray Conniff Singers) or track 6, Riders On The Sugar Plum (Sugar Plum Fairy vs The Doors vs Maroon 5). But it's all fab, and free. Here's djBC's writeup:

The 2012 edition of our annual free mashup collection is now available for free download. Artists sampled include Major Lazer, Soma, Jars of Clay, The Judds, Alex Clare, Queen and David Bowie, Smokey Robinson, Elmo, Lucy Van Pelt, LL Cool J, The Tuborg Julebryg Jingle, The Moonglows, Elvis, Daft Punk, Eddie Dunstedter, ATOM, Tchaikovsky, The Doors, Maroon 5, Johnny Mathis, AC/DC, Ciara, Sublime, Diana Ross, Muse, Bruce Haack, Deadmau5, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Sean Kingston, Diplo & Nicky Da B, Mojo Nixon, The Showboys, Britney Spears, Jose Feliciano,The Ramones, The Three Stooges, The Ray Conniff Singers, Nirvana, Night Ranger, and The Temptations. We wish you Happy Holidays, and hope you enjoy the collection!

Santastic Seven: It's a Wonderful Mash