Helado Negro – "Dance Ghost" (free MP3)

Sound it Out # 42: Helado Negro – "Dance Ghost"(MP3)

Helado Negro is the musician alter ego of the visual/experimental artist Roberto Carlos Lange.He's the son of Ecuadorian immigrants who grew up in South Florida and now lives in Savannah, Georgia. The music of Helado Negro (translation: Black Ice Cream) is a moody mish-mash of samples and rhythms that evokes the haunted mood of a David Lynch movie. Helado Negro's fourth album is called Invisible Life and will be out March 5.

Meanwhile, Lange has a commissioned live performance coming up on February 23 at the Savannah College of Art & Design. It's called Brain Finger Composition and includes sounds that members of the Savannah arts community uploaded to Google Voice. He will also conduct a 10-piece orchestra by connecting each musician to one of his fingers with a piece of yarn.

"Dance Ghost" is one of the first songs that Helado Negro has sung in English. It has a haunting, languid tone that you can imagine being an ideal soundtrack for a sticky Georgia/Florida/Ecuador summer night. Download it below.