Block out blue light for better sleep

Uvex Skypers are protective eyewear that have built-in side shields and a brow guard. Lightweight and comfortably snug, they fit me perfectly out of the box, but they do come with a nose bridge and an adjustable temple length for those who need to customize the fit. With great eye coverage and total comfort, I'm sure they fit the bill when it comes to safety glasses, but that's not why I use them.

With interchangeable lenses that come in an array of colors, I've finally found the missing ingredient that completes my nighttime recipe to combat insomnia: the Extreme Orange Anti Fog lenses! For years I've had chronic insomnia, and have tried everything from herbal teas to hot baths to the occasional prescription. These things would help for a night or two, and then the insomnia would come back like a tenacious weed. I knew that looking at blue light after dark suppresses melatonin production (a hormone that regulates sleep), and I really did try for one night to avoid my iPhone, iPad, and television in the evening hours. Let's just say that wasn't a realistic solution.

Then my husband gave me these cool orange shades that block all ultraviolet, violet, and blue light while allowing green and red wavelengths to pass through, and it's made a complete difference in my sleep! I try to remember to put them on a little after it gets dark, but even if I wait until just one or two hours before bedtime I still seem to get good sleep. The color might be too dark for those who want to work in their garage, but since the lenses are interchangeable that won't be a problem.

— Carla Sinclair

Orange Uvex Skyper Safety Glasses: $(removed)