Reuters employee charged with aiding Anonymous in website defacement

Matthew Keys, 26, a social media editor for Reuters, has been indicted on charges that he helped members of Anonymous hack the Tribune Co. network in order to deface the Los Angeles Times website.

"The editor was outed by the prominent former member of Anonymous known as Sabu who became a snitch for the FBI following his own arrest last year," reports Kim Zetter at Wired News. Here is the indictment (PDF).

Reuters has an account here.

The incident is alleged to have taken place before Keys was employed by Thomson Reuters Corp.

The EFF's Trevor Timm tweets: "Up to 30 year jail sentence for *allegedly* helping deface a website for a half hour. Yeah, that seems totally fair. Anyone horrified by the amount of jail time @theMatthewKeys faces can go here to tell Congress we need Computer Fraud and Abuse Act reform."