The Simonsound's music inspired by an imaginary monorail

The Simonsound, Simon James's '60s space age-inspired experimental music project, has issued a fantastic "radiophonic ride" aboard an imaginary World's Fair monorail. The two tracks on this Simonsound Tranist Authority release are compelling collages of electronic experimentation and oscillations made from vintage synths, manipulated tape, and acoustic sources. There are multiple versions of the release, including a 10" color vinyl, digital download in numerous formats, and also the limited edition "pilot pack" seen above that is, sadly, sold out. You can listed to the first track, "The Beam," right here.

Like a souvenir record from a mid century World’s Fair, ‘The Beam’ follows
in the footsteps of early electronic composers such as Raymond Scott,
Tristram Cary and Tom Dissevelt.

The B-side, 'In the Shadow of the Skylon' is an oscillating ode to a long
lost London landmark and futuristic structure created for the Festival of
Britain in 1951. Hovering over the South Bank like a UFO, the Skylon pointed
into space like a sign post for what was to come. Sadly the Skylon never got
to see the future it aimed to represent as it was torn down at the end of
the Festival by a petty Conservative government. ‘In the Shadow of the
Skylon’ celebrates its short optimistic life.

The Simonsound Transit Authority: "The Beam" b/w "In the Shadow of the Skylon"