Beastles are back: double-album of Beastie Boys/Beatles mashups imminent

Here's some wonderful musical news: djBC has revived the Beastles, the inspired Beastie Boys/Beatles mashups that resulted in two spectacular albums, ultimately censored off the Internet thanks to legal threats from EMI.

The new double, 20-track Beastles album, "Ill Submarine," is about to drop, and djBC has a lot of teasers to get you ready for it. As this post goes us, RadioClash is running a live podcast special about it:

Sunday is Beastles Day on Radio Clash Live from 6am BST (British Summer Time). djBC has a new Beastle album about to drop – Ill Submarine and he's created an exclusive mix for RCL,This is a special 3 hour show with an exclusive mix of Beatles covers from Ian Fondue as part of a new 'Done To Death' mix series, and many more Beatles/Beastles mashups, remixes and shows throughout the day, including from 8am the 7 Radio Clash Beatles Podcasts in sequence

(Above: poster by Yo Yo Yosef, click to embiggen)

There's also the video for the title track, "Ill Submarine, above, and some poster art from Yo Yo Yosef. I've had a preview of the album on heavy rotation for two days and it is spectacular.