Sesame Street's materials for kids with an incarcerated parent

As part of their "Little Children, Big Challenges" project, the Sesame Street people have produced an excellent module for helping kids cope with having a parent in jail (available in English and Spanish). The module includes some really good videos, a downloadable storybook, activities, and tips for caregivers and providers. The materials are beautifully and sensitively made, and Sesame Street deserves praise for taking on such a difficult and important subject.

Though the incarceration of a loved one brings about many challenges, it also provides an opportunity to show your child how much you love and care for him. Your love and support are the most important things to help him cope with this difficult change. Here are some tools to help you navigate some of the transitions and challenges that a parent's incarceration can bring.

Little Children,
Big Challenges: Incarceration

(via Super Punch)