Makies hit shelves at Selfridges

As I mentioned last month, the 3D printed dolls from Makies are now on sale at the British department store Selfridges, marking the first time that a 3D printed object has passed all the toy-safety tests and been sold to the public. Makies have created four limited-edition premade characters for the Selfridges collection (Tesla, Ada, Curie and Hopper) and they're also selling in-store custom-designed dolls. It's very exciting stuff for us — my wife Alice founded Makies, and I'm agog at how awesome they've come out.

This bunch is our first Limited Edition series of Makie dolls, with faceups applied by hand (eyelashes too!), their very own bespoke fashions and numbered Certificates of Creation. The series is limited to 1000, and the holidays will be here before you know it (gulp), so nab 'em while you can…

Buy Limited Edition Makies from Selfridges online