Spunky platformer Spelunky hits PC, again

Spelunky, an old-school platform game of hidden depths, was originally a 16-bit-style PC freebie. Then it was ported to and fancied-up for modern game consoles. And now the gorgeously-drawn HD version has headed back to the home computer. John Walker reviews it for Rock Paper Shotgun, and finds it sagging under the weight of its new clothes.

I just spent another two hours playing it. Spelunky still has that. That crazed need to play again, and again, and again. And I'm rusty, and I never got out of the first location today. … But then the truth is, just as I was back in the swing of it, just as I was accepting that yes, there's still enough here, I had to switch out to respond to an email. "Error loading texture pack" it informed me when I tried to go back. Yeah, I'll play it on my 360, thanks.