Biomechanical sculptures, like Giger without the creep factor

Robbo sez, "Like Giger - but without the creep factor- Pierre Matter's sculptures invoke a bio-mechanical beauty that is both physically sensual and intellectually fascinating."

Pierre Matter was born in 1964.

A mystical child, then a tormented teenager, he studied mathematics half-heartedly. It was only logical that he headed naturally, though initially in an erratic manner, for the mysterious universe of artistic creation.

His slow progression in this field led him to try out many kinds of expression and material, from oil to gouache to ink, from comic strips to canvas, and also bas-relief in stone.

However, the hidden logic of events (what sceptical people call luck) led him to focus on three-dimensional volumes, a small sample of which he presents on this website…

Gallery : Pierre Matter

(Thanks, Robbo!)