CODE keyboard

"We couldn't find a simple, clean, beautiful mechanical keyboard that we truly loved," write Weyman Kwong of WASD Keyboards and Jeff "Coding Horror" Atwood, "

So we created the CODE keyboard.


Ultra-rare Cherry MX Clear mechanical keyswitches are the heart of the CODE keyboard. These switches are unique in the Cherry line because they combine solid actuation force with quiet, non-click activation, and a nice tactile bump on every keystroke. These hard to find switches deliver a superior typing experience over cheap rubber dome keyboards – without deafening your neighbors in the process. We know you live and die by keyboard shortcuts. We do too. On the CODE keyboard, up to six keys can be pressed at once, which is known as 6-Key USB Rollover. Furthermore, Ctrl, Alt, and Shift do not count towards these six keys, making it possible to to hold up to nine keys simultaneously – sufficient for even the most arcane keyboard shortcuts.

It's LED backlit, gamer-friendly, convertible to alternative keyboard layouts (e.g. Dvorak and OS X), has 5-way cable routing channels on the underside, comes in 104- and 87-key models, and is $150.

CODEMechanical Keyboard (Ships 9/16-9/23) [WASD]

P.S. Another project of Jeff's is, of course, the new open-source forum software Discourse, which powers our own forums here at BB