Maker Jimmy DiResta's top five MAKE videos

[Video Link] I've mentioned before that I love Jimmy DiResta's MAKE videos. He's an alpha-maker who has hosted several TV series (Dirty Money, Against the Grain, Hammered with John & Jimmy DiResta, Trash to Cash). For the past year, he's been making videos for MAKE that shows his process of creating things in his workshop. They are mesmerizing. The videos have no narration. The sound his tools make serve as the background music.

To celebrate his one-year anniversary on MAKE, Jimmy posted his five favorite videos so far: The Star Key, The Handmade Key, The Thinker Lamp, Moose Antlers, and The Slab Bench.

Creating these movies is the best mental exercise for me. Having to create an object and tell the story with visuals only is the challenge each week and it keeps me inventing constantly. In the video above I call out my top five favorites videos and some of the inspiration that went into them.

DiResta: Celebrating one Year on MAKE!