Nuclear Christ of Moscow, Idaho

This brilliant mushroom cloud Jesus ad was the work of the Psychiana movement of Moscow, Idaho, led by Dr. Frank B. Robinson, who was quite a chap.

Here's how Psychiana works. It's a dollar per lesson. 20 lessons, one a week. The first lesson asks that you discard what you've been taught about God, then open up to the infinite power that you already possess. The lesson end by having you meditate and say out loud: "I believe in the power of the living God." Subsequent lessons follow similar formats with different mantras focusing on the power of your mind.

83 years later, Psychiana's original followers have dwindled to nothing. But the religion does have a presence on the internet, and that's where Grace Butler of Texas became a believer.

Butler: "It opened me up to knowing that we can talk to God. We don't need an intercessor between us and God. Also, Robinson made clear that the church has misled us in a lot of ways about that."

Robinson also said that the mind is the source of God' power. That there is no subconscious mind but rather it is a manifestation of the God-Power. Once you understood this you would have health, happiness and success.

Psychiana: Moscow's Mail-Order Religion [Sueann Ramella/Northwest Public Radio]

(via Christian Nightmares)