Documentary about four illustrators from Italy

Andrea Chirichelli, a journalist, writer and video-maker, says:

I made a documentary called Illustrators, that describes the job of four Italian illustrators who are world famous and have been awarded many prizes and recognitions: Alessandro “Shout” Gottardo, Emiliano Ponzi, Olimpia Zagnoli, and Francesco Poroli.

The documentary lasts approximately 70 minutes, is subtitled in English, and offers a wide view on the secrets of a new job, that has transformed completely ever since the Internet’s arrival, that has marked a pivotal change in the world of publishing, commercials, and magazines.

Illustrators is a journey of images in the creativity of a nation, Italy, depressed and mortified under the political and economic aspect, but still capable of showing its best side and bound to live, at least under the artistic profile, an outright “Second Renaissance.”

Alessandro “Shout” Gottardo

Emiliano Ponzi

Olimpia Zagnoli

Francesco Poroli