The Head & The Heart: listen to the new album

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As I previously posted, my favorite indie folk group The Head & The Heart have a new LP, titled "Let's Be Still," out next week on Sub Pop records. You can listen to the full album below! It's a lovely 13-song affair that showcases the group's diverse musical interests and pushes their repertoire beyond the neo-Americana they mastered with their eponymous 2011 release and into more diverse sonic territories.

"This is the first time that we produced as a full band. . . This one is everyone's influences equally present and prevalent throughout the album," frontman Josiah Johnson told Rolling Stone. "I think that comes from being better musicians, more comfortable with each other from two-plus years of touring on the road. We opened for all of these bands – like My Morning Jacket, Death Cab for Cutie, Dr. Dog, Iron and Wine – that we all had loved for years and found inspiration in. We did our version of reaching out into those sonic spaces that we saw them creating."

Below, a free stream of Let's Be Still in its entirety!