Lulu – an app for girls to anonymously rate boys

My 16-year-old daughter came home yesterday and showed me an app called Lulu that all of her friends are using. It's purpose is to anonymously rate your male Facebook friends. Each boy is displayed alongside a number from 1 – 10, which represents an average rating for the guy. Users can rate the boys on a number of attributes, such as physical attractiveness, kissing skill, and commitment level.

I predict Apple will pull this from the iPhone store very soon.

I asked Sarina to tell me more about Lulu:

Mark: What is Lulu?

Sarina: Lulu is an app where girls can see all their male Facebook friends. The boys don't have a say in it — their profile automatically goes to the app. You just download the app and then you can click on any of the boy's profiles.

The screen is divided into different squares with boys' pictures, and it has their name and their average score. Their average score is all the scores that girls have given them, averaged together. If you just want to quickly review them you can look at that, but if you want the full report on what kind of guy they are you can look at it. I think it's a pretty entertaining app, but I have a feeling it's going to get out of hand soon once everybody in my school finds out about it and it's going to cause a lot of drama with the boys.

Mark: What happens when you click a boy's picture?

Sarina: You can see reviews that other girls gave them: hookups with them, if the girl is a friend of theirs, or if the girl has a crush on them. The girl can rate them on being a good kisser, on their personality, how many girls have a crush on them, their appearance, commitment, ambition, manners, humor, first kiss, and things like that.

Mark: Are the girls' comments and ratings anonymous?

Sarina: Completely anonymous. Any girl can review any of the guys on it. And girls can see all the reviews that other girls have done. It's not really for the guys to look at to see what other people have said about them. It's more for girls. If you have a crush on a guy, then you can go to their profile and see what other people have said about them and other people's opinions. [It really is just for girls — I installed the app and it wouldn't let me see the ratings since I am male. — Mark]

Mark: So I see that the guys' profiles have these little hashtags — attributes like best and worst qualities. The "Best" hashtags for this particular guy [one of Sarina's classmates] says "Respects women." "My friends are jealous." "Epic smile." "Strong hands." "Always stays." "Does his own laundry." "One-woman man." "Six pack." And then "Worst:" "No chemistry." "Almost too perfect." "He loves me not." "Doesn't know I exist."

Mark: Do they have a companion app for guys to rate girls?

Sarina: No, they don't, and I'm happy that that day hasn't come yet. When it does, that will be a different story.