Vegetable chowder popsicles!

Japan's beloved Garigari-kun popsicles have a delicious new flavor: vegetable chowder. It follows on from its earlier success with corn potage, whose sales outstripped the company's ability to keep up.

The ice pop has a refreshing texture mixed with popsicle and shaved ice, and it's sold for only about 60 yen. Their basic flavor is soda, however, sometimes they release interesting flavors such as the legendary corn potage flavor, which took a break from sales because the company couldn't keep up with production.

This time, they are going to release the vegetable chowder flavor (called "White Stew" in Japanese) on October 29. You will be able to experience the creamy chowder flavor, diced potatoes and shaved ice at the same time in your mouth!

Garigari-kun series – vegetable chowder flavored ice popsicle [Yoriko Takahashi/Akihabara News]