Big Brother Bundle: name your price for surveillance-related media

Jamie from Vodo sez, "VODO has a new 'Big Brother Bundle' coming out today. It's a crossmedia, themed bundle on the crucial topic of surveillance – curated by Daniel Domscheit-Berg. It's pay what you like, time-limited and we're trying to raise awareness around these issues + donate to a charity working around this area."

There's some amazing books, comics, games, music and videos here, and the chance to get free iPredator service. The nominated charity is the excellent, SOPA-killing Fight for the Future.

VODO's Big Brother Bundle contains two essential documentaries fresh
from major film festivals (Shadows of Liberty, Secrecy), award-winning
graphic novels (The Homeland Directive, Subatomic), highly rated Steam
games (I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream, Hacker Evolution: Duality),
original music from conscious hip-hop star Immortal Technique
(Surveillance EP), a book from privacy guru Bruce Scheneier (Schneier on
Security), and, for the first 10,000 'Beat The Average' customers, 3
months online privacy from well-respected VPN provider iPredator.

We're proud to have brought together over $130 worth of content in the
bundle — and a great combination of fun, information and creativity.

VODO: Big Brother Bundle