Toronto cops confirm video of Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack and making racist and homophobic remarks

The arrest of Sandro Lisi, Toronto Mayor Rob "Laughable Bumblefuck" Ford's driver/fixer/muscle, has led to Toronto police uncovering a copy of the notorious crack-smoking video reported on by the Toronto Star and Gawker. Lisi has been charged with extortion, though it's not clear whether he was extorting the mayor (because Lisi had a copy and threatened to release it) or extorting someone else (who had a copy, but wouldn't release it as a condition of the blackmail). The whole thing is tied up a wider investigation into local gang violence.

When asked to comment on the upcoming police announcement, Mayor Laughable Bumblefuck literally screamed at reporters to get off his lawn (well, technically his driveway). Literally.

At a news conference Thursday, Chief Bill Blair would not describe the video's contents or Ford's actions in the video, but he admitted he is "disappointed."

After obtaining the video, police have laid an extortion charge against Alexander "Sandro" Lisi, a friend of the mayor.

The police chief addressed the media shortly after an unsealed court document relating to an earlier drug arrest of Lisi was released to the public.

The 474-page document contains several police surveillance photos and first-hand descriptions from detectives who watched the mayor and Lisi meet under unusual circumstances several times…

Before the document was released, Ford declined to comment when he was approached by a group of reporters as he left his Etobicoke home Thursday morning. In his latest confrontation with the media, Ford angrily screamed at the journalists to get off his property as they stood in his driveway and he pushed at least one photographer before getting into his Cadillac Escalade and driving away. The mayor has repeatedly complained about reporters waiting outside his home for interviews and has asked to media to respect his wishes.

Police obtain video of Ford that is consistent with reports, Blair says
[Chris Kitching/CP24]