Man impersonates cop to get donut discount

NewImageCharles Barry, 48, of Pasco County, Florida was arrested yesterday for impersonating a law enforcement officer and improper exhibition of a firearm. He was attempting to get a discount at Dunkin' Donuts. Apparently he had been demanding a police discount for quite some time, including on weekends when visiting the establishment with his family, and the Dunkin Donuts manager stopped offering him the discount "because of his abuse."

When Barry showed up at Dunkin' Donuts last Wednesday morning, a worker denied him the discount. An "irate" Barry–who was driving a Volkswagen minivan–then displayed a badge and firearm. "See I am a cop," the 6'1', 320-pound Barry reportedly declared.

A police surveillance operation netted Barry yesterday morning as he drove away from the Dunkin' Donuts. Deputies seized a fake law enforcement badge from his wallet and a .38 caliber revolver from his front pocket.

"Floridian Masqueraded As Lawman To Secure 'Police Discount' At Dunkin' Donuts" (The Smoking Gun)