Watch the Cool Tools Show & Tell Meetup

There's still time to start or join a Cool Tools Show & Tell Meetup in your town. But if you can't make it for some reason, you are invited to watch the live video stream of the Show & Tell taking place at Kevin Kelly's place tomorrow (December 4, 2013) at 7:30pm PT. I'll post a streaming video here on Boing Boing, or you can visit the Google event page here and watch the video.

To learn more about the Cool Tools Show & Tell Meetup, read Kevin's post about it here.

The idea here is that sometimes reading about a tool is not enough. You need to see it in action. The other reason we are doing this is because something great happens when people meet up around things they are passionate about. Cool tools fans are cool people; good things will happen when they connect.

I’ve done a couple of Cool Tools show-and-tells at Foo Camp, and I have done hundreds of show-and-tells for the Quantified Self. This is the format we plan on using: Show us your tool, tell us how it works, and why it is better than anything else, and finally, let us know how it changed your behavior. Then we’ll do the next one. Don’t be shy, bring more than one tool.