Boing Boing's Happy Mutant Mobile: the creation continues!

3 Movie

Illustration: Danny Hellman

The creative conceptualizing of our Boing Boing Happy Mutant Mobile continues! Our sponsors at Ford have agreed to customize, modify, and transform a 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon into what we (and you) imagine for a Boing Boing vehicle. (Original announcement here.) For instance, our Jason had the idea seen above to outfit the vehicle with a projection screen so we can host roadside psychotronic film festivals. And thank you to our wonderful readers who shared great mod suggestions with us like the Unicorn Horn soft serve ice cream dispenser, mobile weather lab, and others posted here and below! Soon, we'll announce which contributing reader gets a trip to Los Angeles to join us watching the actual work in process. And of course we'll be sharing photographic and video evidence here at BB of the transformation as well. Meanwhile, check out a few more concept illustrations below including Adam "Ape Lad" Koford's drawing of the vehicle's rear cargo area holding a tube stereo to crank some warm audio, a coffee contraption for hot brew, and a 3D printer because, well, this is Boing Boing.

And here is BB reader Bloo's vision for an LED message board around the top that streams Boing Boing headlines or the like, as interpreted by Danny Hellman:

LED sign

And finally, Robert Ullman's drawing of BB reader Agro's suggestion of a rooftop Jackhammer Jill statue that blows bubbles!


This post is brought to you by Ford.