Another Great Pyrenees rescue story

The four surviving puppies of the "Aspen" litter

Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California (GPRNC) continues to perform heroic work for dogs. Each rescue story is heartbreaking, and the amount of effort this rescue group puts into the lives of these animals is unbelievable.

Late last week, GPRNC volunteers came to care for four abandoned dogs in pretty bad condition. While the dogs' story is tragic, it is nothing new. I hear of two or three new dogs a week they've rescued, are rehabilitating and trying to place in homes. This time, however, one of the rescued dogs was pregnant. Her name was "Aspen." She gave birth to a litter of 10 puppies, all of which were severely malnourished and in bad, bad shape. Over the weekend, on Facebook, a drama played out as veterinarians and volunteers cared round-the-clock for the puppies, and watched them pass away.

I was glued to Facebook all weekend, watching for updates. A year ago GPRNC rescued "Necco" and her litter of 7 puppies. Luckily, while also very ill, she and her entire litter made it. Her son Nemo, is now my constant companion. I'd say 'sidekick' but it is no longer clear who is actually in charge.

Sadly, Aspen and 6 of the puppies have passed on. Four continue to fight the good fight! The vet bills GPRNC has to pay are outrageous. This specialized rescue organization could really use our help. They also need homes for dogs — homes that are truly able to provide for the special needs of these big, beautiful creatures. A Pyr puppy is a wonder your home may not survive! If you live in Northern CA and think a Pyr might be for you, please reach out to them.

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