Nemo's rescue needs your help

The organization that rescued my dog Nemo is under a lot of financial pressure. A number of very needy dogs have come along in a very short period of time. The video above details just some of their current hard-luck cases. They've started an Indiegogo project to find some help.

Who the heck keeps abandoning these giant white dogs, anyway? The sheer number of dogs that end up at the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California is bewildering. Regardless where the dogs come from, the team at GPRNC takes them in and gets them the best care possible. Watch the video, the stories Randy tells about these dogs get me every time.

Nemo is one of the puppies in their video. He came from the Necco litter and was super sick. It took a LOT of love and care to get him to me.

Nemo is amazing. I just adore him. This gentle, caring dude has added so much to my life. Nemo is with me nearly always, I think I'm driving the BB Ingenuity event coordinator crazy asking to get him in. He guards my daughter when she's in the tub. He thinks he can sneak into my bed, but he can't sneak anywhere, he's massive and a goofball.

If you are in NorCal and think you can handle a Pyr, please talk to them. If you can help foster dogs, please talk to them. If you can contribute a couple dollars, please do. I did.

Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California has launched an Indigogo project to raise $8k. Please help them.

(p.s. the art print rewards are done by the friends who introduced me to GPRNC, Nadine and Jason of Cloudforest Design)

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  1. All the local rescues in my area are overflowing as well. Apparently this is the worst time of year, and this year is exceptionally bad. I'm not sure why summer is Surrender Season, but imagine it's a combination of Christmas "present" pets poorly trained and then abandoned, kids leaving for college, college kids moving, etc. In most areas, the shelters are inundated, and the rescues that take the dogs that need work are in desperate need of funds and volunteers. Help if you can!

  2. Well, they are typically volunteer-driven, non-profit groups, so if they want to specialize, that's their choice. Many rescue groups are breed specific, which can be a blessing. Certain breeds have special needs that a come-one come-all rescue might not be used to. Pyrenees, for example, are really, really big dogs. It would be hard to get someone to foster that didn't know what they were getting into. French Bulldogs have a lot of health issues, and need to be with people that understand their special needs. That being said, the local groups I support focus on small dogs in general, not specific breeds. Puppy mills love small dogs, so when one gets raided, the local shelters are inundated, and always need help. When I had to rehome a MinPin, though, I posted his info on a breed specific website. There was no way I was going to let him go to a home that didn't understand the personality, energy level and training needs of a MinPin.

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