Help Muckrock scour DHS social media spying guidelines and figure out what to FOIA next

Michael from Muckrock sez, "With a Freedom of Information Act request, MuckRock has received copies of two of the guides Homeland Security uses to monitor social media, one on standard procedures and a desktop binder for analysts.

Now we're asking for help to go through it: See something worth digging into? Say something, and share it with others so we know what to FOIA next."

In the collaborative spirit of Sunshine Week, MuckRock is throwing down a challenge: can you find the most interesting page, paragraph or redaction in the DHS handbook and standard procedures for the social media monitoring initiative? Winner gets 5 free MuckRock requests!

Here's how it works: To submit via Twitter, post a screenshot and PDF page number (not the page number listed on the document) and tag @muckrock in the tweet. If you're not on Twitter, submit your findings via the Google form below. All submissions must be in by next Monday, March 24, at midnight. MuckRock will announce a winner next week in a post of the best findings.

Help MuckRock scour Homeland Security's social media monitoring handbook