Machine Project book sale fundraiser in LA on Sunday, March 23rd

Machine Project in Los Angeles is a National Treasure. It's a combination gallery space, hacker space, and performance center. It has been operating for about a decade.

Here are the few of the things I've done at Machine Project over the years: Given sauerkraut making classes. Participated in fallen fruit jam making workshops. Attended a 100W light bulb oven bake off. Held Maker Faire auditions. Hosted a Boing Boing Meet Up. Talked about my whittling projects. Enrolled my daughter in lock-picking and car hot-wiring classes. Played in a giant capsized ship. And that just scratches the surface of what happens at Machine Project..

This Sunday, Machine Project is holding a book sale fundraiser. Bring books! Buy books! I'll be there - to bring and buy!

Machine Project Book Sale Fundraiser