Michael Hussar Roadshow in LA this week

My friend Bob Self of Baby Tattoo has produced a traveling exhibition/extravaganza featuring artist Michael Husar. It kicks off in LA this weekend, then moves to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Sacramento.

Draw, paint and party with renowned artist Michael Hussar as he travels from town to town with a mysterious dark art roadshow. Artists are invited to draw and paint with Michael; fans and curiosity-seekers are encouraged to observe and socialize. Baby Tattoo is about to launch a Michael Hussar Roadshow. The live events will be an unusual concoction of live painting, art workshop, theatrical presentation and social gathering mixed together to create three hours of artistic inspiration and entertainment. These local events will be very intimate, and will allow artists and art fans to experience a unique combination of creativity and showmanship presented in a mysterious and marvelous format.

Michael Hussar Roadshow