Magician Rudy Coby's Magic vs. Science week at Magic Castle in LA

Last night my wife, daughter, and I went to the Magic Castle in Hollywood to see magician Rudy Coby's high energy and exciting "Magic vs. Science" show, which combines magic, music, and dance. Rudy also scheduled all the performers at the Castle this week, including Kevin James, Jeff McBride, Rafael, Timo Marc, Andrew Goldenhersh, Chris Korn, Michael Davis, and Mark Mitton. If you can find a way to go, I recommend it.

Grudge match? Experimental show business? Theatrical alchemy? What the heck is Rudy Coby's "Magic vs. Science" at the Magic Castle in Hollywood April 21st through 27th? Is it a magic show? Technically, yes. Is it a science project? Laugh-out-loud pseudo-science, perhaps. Is it entertaining? Yes. Magician Rudy Coby (who plays a scientist) is teaming up with dancer/choreographer Pharside (who plays a magician) to present illusion, movement and music to audiences at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood this week. It's a special mix of maker-magicians, rule-breaking entertainers, and innovative acts like Academy of Villains and DJ Swamp, who weave the art of illusion into other forms of performance.

The Castle, which is home to The Academy of Magical Arts, is a private clubhouse for magicians and fans of magic. Those who would like to see Rudy's show are encouraged to visit and check out the "Open Sesame Membership." This one-month trial membership was created to provide anyone curious about joining the club way to get their foot in the door.