Further thoughts on my Bell Bullitt TT

Bell Bullitt TT, slightly wet.

Back in March, I reviewed my Bell Bullitt TT. This incredible looking helmet is a lot of fun and now I have a couple hundred miles wearing it. My impression is still super positive, but I've learned a few things…

Those decorative, grilled chrome vent holes on the forehead pass a ton of air into the helmet. Most of it is pointed right at your face. The small slit at the back of the helmet certainly draws air out, as well. On a few of Northern California's recent 80F+ days this helmet was wonderful, I rarely felt warm. Warning: I like a windy helmet! You can close a slider in the chin bar to slow it down a bit, but I really haven't found that slider so effective.

Even flowing so much air, I found the Bullitt to be fairly dry in the rain. The bubble shield sheds water fairly well, due to its shape, tho I really ought to add some Rain-X to the exterior. Thus far just turning my head and letting the wind blow the water off works fairly well, that or wiping with a gloved hand.

You might guess that a well ventilated helmet is a bit loud. I can see it becoming tedious on longer trips and would suggest ear plugs or headphones. I've found that by putting my headphones in under my balaclava, then my helmet over my head, everything stays in place nicely and my sugru-custom molds reduce the sound to a manageable level.

The balaclava also makes donning the helmet less painful. I find the Extra Small (XS) an excellent fit. My head is what Arai considers an 'intermediate oval' and I feel great contact all around my skull. This is one of the first helmets I had that does not shake or shift during use. As the helmet continues to break in we will see how long that lasts.

I also get a ton of compliments on the helmet. I really like the Bell Bullett TT.

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