Here's to another twenty-five years of the world's greatest neurozine!

Twenty-five years ago, Boing Boing started out as a print 'zine, pasted together and published on a photocopier. Now, after more than a decade on the web—and hundreds of thousands of posts, links and comments—we're taking a turn back to the mindset that made us. A love of 'Zine-style journalism, art, and abject nonsense is in our souls, and you'll be seeing a lot more of it here at Boing Boing in the coming days, weeks and months. With a renewed focus on original features comes a new homepage design, crafted to highlight the fantastic articles, videos, podcasts and comix created by of our cabal of happy mutants.

That kind of work will have more prominence on our home page than before, living in a feature column to the right. And the fast-moving blog river we all know and love stays on the left, still in reverse-chronological order.

Two streams of stuff, two speeds, and a more consistent, easily-scanned layout for all of it.

There are also other tweaks to the homepage, aimed at making everything simpler, faster-loading, and easier to read. Links are now blue instead of red, at the request of our color blind readers. Excerpts are shorter, and bloated video embeds are banished from the homepage. Unnecessary internal links are pruned: Each post will suggest exactly where to go next—and as often as not, it'll be offsite. Enjoy your trip! We hope you'll come back soon.

This is an ongoing project, with more changes to come, especially for our podcasts and comix. There are even rumblings of print, and other hijinks tied to our 25-year anniversary.

We know you all so love redesigns … and you can tell us all about it on our BBS, on Twitter, or on our Facebook page. We'd like to hear your feedback, good and bad. We have thick skin and open minds. Mostly, anyway.

Thank you all for sharing 25 years of high weirdness, brain candy, and mischievous fun for higher primates. Boing Boing … the world's greatest neurozine. Again. (Still.)

P.S. If you get nostalgic, here's a traditional reverse-chronological blog version of the homepage.

P.P.S. Special thanks to the talented team of Dean Putney, Ken Snider, Jonathan Schreiber, and Mike Towber who were instrumental in making this redesign a reality.