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School bus driver bans little girl from reading

The school bus driver in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec told 8 year old Sarah Auger she wasn't allowed to read on the way to and from school because she might poke herself in the eye with a corner of the book.

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Dig into hard ice cream with this pointed-tip scoop


I think the ice cream scoop we'd been using for years wasn't really an ice cream scoop. It was a disher, and was more suited for scooping mashed potatoes than ice cream. When the trigger mechanism on it finally broke, I happily got rid of it and replaced it with the OXO Good Grips Solid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop ($15). This surprisingly heavy scoop is made from a solid chunk of stainless steel with a comfortable rubber grip, and comes with a pointed end that digs right into hard ice cream, especially if you run hot water over it. It's supposedly dishwasher safe but why put it in the dishwasher? Just rinse it and dry it with a towel.

Make a magic wand appear from thin air!

Instant Appearing 18 Inch Magic Wand

This compact, foil wand conceals easily in your hand. A simple twist and it magically appears!

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Obituary for an amazing history teacher

Katie sez, "This is an article by a friend of mine about a teacher who passed this week from our high school in Ontario, Canada. This history teacher had the students dig trenches, sleep in cold, wet tents, march and "mow down" other students all in an awesome example of teaching. I had already graduated after the first class did this, but it made headlines every year."

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Hong Kong anti-litter campaign swipes DNA from trash, uses it to create mugshots of suspected litterers

Ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong created a very creepy Earth Day campaign for the Hong Kong CleanUp Initiative.

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Obscure corners of WoW's vast world

image.jpg World of Warcraft is full of forgotten corners--beautifully-rendered but abandoned places no longer on the game's questing trail. Atlas Obscura heads out on a nostalgic tour.

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Ransomware decryptor

If you or someone you love has been hijacked by Coinvault ransomware -- malware that encrypts your data and won't decrypt it unless you transfer Bitcoin to criminals -- Kaspersky may be able to help you (via Hacker News)

Embroideries – Iranian women’s stories on faking virginity, forced marriage, and other taboo topics

Following the acclaimed Persepolis, Embroideries is a graphic novel that tells stories from an ultraconservative Iran in the early 1990s with irony and wit. Three generations of women from Marjane Satrapi’s family gossip, gathered around cups of tea, while their men are taking a nap.

Culture, marriage and politics are encapsulated in intimate memories of love and womanly matters in a way that is humorous or heart-breaking. Aunts, mother, thrice-married grandma, with independent and distinctive voices, offer a close sense of family, an idea about the women’s disadvantaged position, but also dissolve the stereotypic images about Iran. “To speak behind others’ backs is the ventilator of the heart,” says the opium-addicted grandmother. She begins by describing a friend’s advise on how to fake virginity with a hilarious story-end. An aunt remembers being forced to marry at 13 and running away, scaling a garden wall. And the anecdotes continue subversively about things other writers shy away from. The title of the book, Embroideries, refers to the surgery that women undertake to “restore” virginity, since men insist on marrying only virgins. By combining simple, subtle and personable black and white illustrations with women sharing their wisdom without constrains, Satrapi makes you feel invited to the afternoon tea around the samovar. – Luciana Dumitru

See sample pages from this book at Wink.

Woman behind Pakistan’s first hackathon, Sabeen Mahmud, shot dead by unknown gunmen

Sabeen Mahmoud.

Sabeen Mahmoud.

The progressive activist and organizer who ran Pakistan's first-ever hackathon and led a human rights and a peace-focused nonprofit known as The Second Floor (T2F) was shot dead today by unidentified gunmen in Karachi.

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iFixIt tears down the Apple watch

The Apple Watch is difficult to take apart, and any repairs -- other than replacing the battery, band, and display -- are pretty much impossible. That's what our friends at iFixIt concluded after they flew to Australia to be among the first people in the world to buy an Apple Watch, which they promptly destroyed in the name of knowledge.


John Hinckley, who shot Reagan, is dating and wants to start a band, release music anonymously


A psychiatrist treating the man who shot President Ronald Reagan in 1981 says John Hinckley wants to start a band, and that he should be allowed to publish his music anonymously.

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Comcast-Time Warner merger dead

comcass comcast donkey Good.

Native Americans walk off set of latest Adam Sandler film

Loren Anthony and Saginaw Grant, both Native American actors. Photo: Loren Anthony,

Loren Anthony and Saginaw Grant, both Native American actors. Photo: Loren Anthony.

Misled into thinking an Adam Sandler movie would not be offensive, a dozen Native actors and their cultural advisor quit the scene when things went as they do with an Adam Sandler movie.

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Credit card swipe machines have shipped with the same password since the 1990s

It would be comical, were it not such big business for bad people.

The vendor wasn't named by the researchers, David Byrne and Charles Henderson, but they did disclose the password: 166816.

A Google search reveals that's the default password for several models of credit card terminal sold by Verifone, a Silicon Valley-based vendor that says it connects 27 million payment devices and has operations in 150 countries.

The researchers said that the password remains in use on nine out of 10 terminals they see from the vendor, in part because customers mistakenly assume it is unique to them.

"Even knowing this password, sensitive payment information or (personally identifiable information) cannot be captured," says Verifone.

Trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's microbudget horror flick, The Visit

Here I am, willing to give M. Night Shyamalan another chance against my better judgment. His latest is a microbudget thriller called The Visit, and concerns the sinister goings-on at grandma and grandpa's house.

Music: "(You Can't Blow) Smoke Rings," The Gants (1966)

Smoke rings are really a lost art.

Watch: Long-lost 1978 video for The Cramps' song "Human Fly" resurfaces online

cramps1042315 “The story goes that in 1978, the Cramps made a video, filmed by Alex de Laszlo, for their song “Human Fly,” that featured singer Lux Interior (RIP 2009) in a classic movie-monster transformation scene—but it seemed like nobody saw it, or could even prove it existed.”

It exists, and it's right here.

Our friends at Dangerous Minds have the whole story.

YouTube: "Vengeance Productions Presents - The Cramps "Human Fly" short film by Alex de Laszlo Copyright © 1978"