Woman buried as man

When Jennifer Gable died suddenly, her family cut her hair, put her in a suit, buried her as a man, and published an obit with a name she had not used in many years.

Jennifer Gable, an Idaho transgender woman who died of a brain aneurysm in October, was presented at an open casket and buried as a man by her family.

Gone was Gable’s long, wavy brown hair and smokey eye shadow shown in several Facebook photos.

In her place, friends found Geoffrey Charles Gable wearing a striped suit at Magic Valley Funeral Home, her hair cut short, according to photos obtained by the Daily News, and an obituary that skipped a decade of her life.

Make a will.

Why we hate (and love) Uber


Over at Matter, Bobbie Johnson wrote a killer analysis of our love-hate relationship with Uber, asking and answering "What exactly is it about the controversy-baiting, aggressive, indispensable taxi app that pisses so many people off?"

Woman accidentally kills self with gun bought for Ferguson unrest

After purchasing the weapon, the victim is claimed to have "jokingly saying the couple were ready for Ferguson" while waving it around in a moving car, leading to a minor accident, during which the gun went off.

Black Devil anglerfish caught on video

This clip of a bizarre deep-sea anglerfish, taken by a Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute robot sub in the dark depths of Monterey Canyon, is thought to be the first footage ever of this particular species of black seadevil.

Full-head, animated latex-masks

You might already be familiar with Digital Dudz, the costume tees and bodysuits with pouches for a smartphone displaying an animation that adds comedy (or horror) to the effect; but did you know that Morphsuits also does full-head latex masks that work the same way?

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Dead Raisers, a traveling band of evangelical resurrectors


Tyler Johnson, 31, claims he has brought 13 corpses back to life as part of his work on the Dead Raisers Team, a group of evangelicals who travel around sharing their gift for resurrection and faith healing, and teach others how to make miracles too.

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Twin astronauts as human guinea pigs... for science!


NASA is studying twin astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly to understand the affects of long space missions on the body and brain.

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Crowdfunding Austin's makerspace for kids

Sx Create writes, "Austin Tinkering School is a place where kids use real tools and real materials to build, create, and learn. Adults serve as collaborators rather than teachers for maximum engagement, interest, enthusiasm, and enjoyment."

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Gorgeous wooden PC modeled on old-timey radio

373 "My idea of a compact yet powerful gaming PC with a little style added," writes Jeffrey Stephenson, creator of beautiful wooden computers. "Best viewed with Marvin Gaye playing in the background."

Miri in Love

Maggie Tokuda-Hall describes the special, intimate relationship between a woman and her office supplies.

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Video: Fred Armisen doing iconic NYC accents

Portlandia star and BB pal Fred Armisen improvises a startling number of New York City neighborhood accents for nearly five minutes.

Hot Spice live at the Ramada Inn

Boing Boing favorites Hot Spice will be kicking out the jams at the Ramada Inn's "In Spot" on Highway 34 and S. Locust. I can feel my temperature rising already.

Please share your memories of going to see Hot Spice on our BBS! [via]

Massive Attack's "Teadrop" on acoustic guitar

Gregory Johnson of Acoustic Labs plays a beautiful acoustic cover of Massive Attack's downtempo classic "Teardrop." Original version below.

The new Kindle Voyage and the best portable scanner

This week, Mark, Xeni and Jason talk about their new gadgets for archival scanning and e-reading.

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Strange thrust: the unproven science that could propel our children into space

For many decades, a fantasy among space enthusiasts has been to invent a device that produces a net thrust in one direction, without any need for reaction mass. Of course, a reactionless space drive of this type is impossible. Or is it? By Charles Platt

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