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DEA: If Utah legalizes pot, rabbits (and other wildlife) will get stoned

Photo: Internet; photographer unknown.

Photo: Internet; photographer unknown.

Utah may soon permit people with certain health conditions to use edible marijuana, which as a cancer patient I believe is a terrific idea.

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"Menkes Disease: Finding Help and Hope," a short documentary on a rare disease

My friend Daniel DeFabio's son Lucas has Menkes Disease, a rare genetic disorder that prevents the body from metabolizing copper. He, along with a few other families, made this touching documentary.

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Grateful Dead concert sells out in minutes


The three day, 50th anniversary concert sold out in minutes. Tickets are going for thousands on the secondary market.

For cats, catnip = weed. Toothbrush = DMT

Jump rope shows your stats using persistence of vision

The Smart Rope has 23 LEDs in the rope, so your jump data appears in front of your eyes.

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NASA Dawn spacecraft nears historic arrival to dwarf planet Ceres

Ceres rotates in this sped-up movie comprised of images taken by NASA's Dawn mission during its approach to the dwarf planet. The images were taken on Feb. 19, 2015, from a distance of nearly 29,000 miles (46,000 kilometers). Dawn observed Ceres for a full rotation of the dwarf planet, which lasts about nine hours. The images have a resolution of 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) per pixel.

Ceres rotates in this sped-up movie comprised of images taken by NASA's Dawn mission during its approach to the dwarf planet. The images were taken on Feb. 19, 2015, from a distance of nearly 29,000 miles (46,000 kilometers). Dawn observed Ceres for a full rotation of the dwarf planet, which lasts about nine hours. The images have a resolution of 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) per pixel. Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech.

NASA today released new images captured by the Dawn spacecraft, which is approaching the dwarf planet Ceres. Dawn will be the first mission to successfully visit a dwarf planet when it enters orbit around Ceres on Friday, March 6.

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Boy, 8, calls newspaper “idiots, jerks, [and] shitholes” for killing his favorite comics


An 8-year-old in Bloomington, Indiana telephoned the editor of the Herald-Times on Sunday, after discovering that the newspaper had swapped out 13 comics in the color-comic section. Some of those terminated comics were his favorites. It ruined his day, and he let the editor of the paper know very clearly how he felt. The voicemail he left for Bob Zaltsberg is below.

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How corporations avoid identity crises

Last year, when Unit Editions of London published Manuals 1: Design & Identity Guidelines, the 432-page gloss-wrapped hardback sold out fast.

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Does everyone at Wired have to wear black?


Wired has a tasteful new redesign, and a tasteful "About Us" page to go with it. I know they said it's not a pirate ship anymore, but I didn't realize it was now the C Org.

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Dude gets a tattoo of The Dress

"I keep up with social memes and I see all of this stuff going around," Daniel Howland told the Daily News. "This is the one thing that I couldn’t wrap my brain around."

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Music: "Your Love," The Outfield (1986)

I always wonder if he lost her love.

Fatal Boarding by ER Mason

Fatal Boarding

Fatal Boarding is a fantastic space adventure that introduces Adrian Tarn, a perfectly textbook 'doesn't do things by the book' hero.

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Video: swirly ink weirdness in 4K slow motion

Psychedelic ink physics in 4K, if you have an ultra-high-definition TV that is. I don't, but it's still spectacular.


(The Slow Mo Guys)

Erotica author says Amazon is hurting her $10 million yearly sales

Jaid Black, a 43 year old writer of self-published erotica ebooks, says Amazon is needling into her market: hardcore erotica for women.

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Anarchist Cookbook author's decades-long struggle to bury his book


In 1971 William Powell, then 19 years old, wrote a how-to guide to making explosives, weapons, and drugs called The Anarchist Cookbook. A few years later a hijacker made a bomb from a recipe in the book that killed a police officer and injured three others.

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Why auction winners are losers

The winner’s curse: "The winner of an auction tends to be one of those who form the highest estimate of an item’s value — and hence one of those most at risk of overpaying."

Parents upset over child's toy that says "Fuck you"

A defective Peppa Pig toy has taught a three-year-old to say "Fuck you." It appears Peppa has taught the boy's father to say the forbidden word in front of his child, as well. [via]

San Francisco's drug geography


Data scientist Lance Martin used 12 years of crime data from San Francisco's Police Department to map the city based on incidents involving specific drugs, from hallucinogens and marijuana to crack, meth, and heroin.

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China's immense marketplace of colorful crap

57_YIWU COMMODITY CITY_02 In China's eastern Zhejiang Province lies Commodity City, a massive 46 million square foot wholesale market of 62,000 booths where you can see samples of inflatable toys, Christmas decorations, chintzy jewelry, stuffed animals artificial flowers, kitchen gadgets, and tons of other crap that fills our lives with the rainbow colors of consumerism.

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Create your own Ice Light-style LED lamp for photography


For an even, controllable light source for shooting video and still shots, one option is the high quality Ice Light for $450. It uses flicker-free LEDs and a lithium ion battery. The other option is to make your own, using Justin Barr's clear and simple instructions for about $30. Anything that involves PVC is worth doing.

Below is a look at how the DIY light shines on a subject, on what he says is his "unimpressed" wife. (We are impressed with his creation!)


Learn the sign language for "screengrab" and "SMH"


Online mag Hopes & Fears asked an educator in American Sign Language and his young assistant to demonstrate various internet jargon such as "emoji" and "photobomb". Each demo is captured in a short video loop. SMH portrays all the disgust involved in shaking one's head at something really stupid; Screengrab involves a nice gesture that enacts the mechanism of a phone display flashing in one's hand.


Since there's no central authority for such neologisms, some signs were ones used among friends while others were reached by consensus among members of the Deaf community online.


Noir and horror for your kindergartner

I want my hat back

Caldecott winner Jon Klassen, is one of the most respected and beloved contemporary children's book authors and illustrators. Kids love him—and adults do, too.

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A little girl fed some crows and now they bring her wonderful presents


Crows, as we all know, are terrifyingly smart.

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Photographing hyperrealistic babydolls and their adult companions


Photographer Jamie Diamond explored the deepest crevices of the uncanny valley of Reborn baby dolls and the adults who care for them.

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Bruce Schneier's Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World

No one explains security, privacy, crypto and safety better than Bruce Schneier, and while he’s been talking about this subject for decades, it’s never been more relevant, as his new guide to the post-Snowden world Data and Goliath demonstrates.

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Ideas for better custom cookie cutters


For a friend's birthday last night, we made cookies (below) using a custom cookie cutter we bought from an online service. They came out well, but I ended up wanting more control over the process.


Next time, I'll use Cookie Caster, the free service that lets users make their own cookie cutters and download the digital files to their own 3D printer. Most everyone can scare up a 3D printer these days, either from a friend or at school. Doing it ourselves would have given us the chance to iterate on the baked good until it looked perfect. Owning more of the process, we could have done two cutters and experimented in final dough form.


Cookie Caster is a free service (it doesn't offer cookie cutters, only digital files). It launched last fall, and it grew out of the Noisebridge hacker space in San Francisco. You can also create cookie cutters by uploading your own image and tracing around it:

cookie To make the multiple cookie cutters needed to create versions of these cookies from Fancy Flours (below), you might need something like Autodesk 123D Make or improvise your own slices. Not sure if Cookie Caster could help envision a 3D cookie like this. cookie2

Why are (some) transhumanists such dicks?


In December on the forum, there was a fascinating discussion entitled "Why are transhumanists such dicks?" What came out of it was this.

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Stare at the letters of the GIF alphabet. Forever.


Graphic designer, Florian Schommer, created a bunch of animated letters of the alphabet! If only I could read German, so I could know more about what he was thinking.


If Star Trek comms were as crappy as cell phones

The Verizon guy would have made an endearing science officer.

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Unpersuasive 1955 US propaganda film about the draft

Jesse Walker of Reason has kindly watched this ripe-for-taunting 1955 propaganda film about the draft and provided highlights.

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