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Looney Pyramids - invent your own games

Looney Pyramids (formerly known as “Icehouse Pyramids”) are a system of plastic board game playing pieces. They come in a variety of colors (10 are commonly available) and 3 sizes and are sold in sets. The pieces can be used like a deck of cards for boardgames with the rules for over 300 games utilizing them already published online.

The publishers, Looney Labs, also greatly encourage their fans and customers to create their own games using the pieces. I have created a few myself and entered design contests that are fan run and intended to expand the Pyramid game world. As a means for creating your own boardgame or just a versatile system to playing hundreds of games, they are a fantastic investment of your entertainment dollar. -- Sam Zitin

Colorado's retail marijuana is high in THC, low in CBD


No one is surprised that weed in Colorado is high in THC, but low in CBD (cannabidiol). It is, after all, a state where recreational use is legal. CBD is one of the compounds known to have medicinal properties.

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Prop money on Amazon


You could get into all sorts of mischief with a few stacks of prop money. $9 for a stack that looks like $10,000 worth of 100 dollar bills.

The Muppets do Digital Underground's 'The Humpty Dance'

Fantastic mashup. Gonzo as Shock G.

Music: "Shadow Dancing," Andy Gibb (1978)

"You are the question and the answer am I"

Rookie Privateer (Privateer Tales Book 1)

Rookie Privateer (Privateer Tales Book 1)

If pulpy space opera is what you want Rookie Privateer is the book for you! A run in with space pirates is sets Liam and Nick on an unforeseen adventure in the Mars Protectorate.

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xkcd's Mysteries graph

I heard about xkcd's Mysteries comic on the excellent Weird Things podcast. The hosts discussed the very weird unsolved "Lead Masks Case."

Trippy DEA agent patches

When DEA agents aren't stealing Silk Road drug money or having sex with prostitutes given to them by Colombian drug cartels, they are designing and wearing these awesome patches!

From The Washington Post:

On one patch, from the DEA's Cocaine Intelligence Unit, the Grim Reaper sits on a bomb and does cocaine. On a patch made for the DEA's International Conference on Ecstasy and Club Drugs, he goes to a rave holding glow-sticks and a pacifier. Other patches feature dragons, unicorns, camels and bald eagles swooping down on marijuana plants, talons outstretched.

The Age of Selfishness

A graphic look at Ayn Rand’s life, libertarianism, the financial crisis of 2008, and where the financial world is headed nowRead the rest

Amazon introduces wi-fi buttons to buy products

tide-buttonAmazon has started sending out Dash Buttons to Prime members. It's a Wi-Fi button that you place next to your dishwasher, coffeemaker, washing machine, or medicine cabinet so you can instantly re-order a consumable product.

On vacation in rural Ohio, found where they keep the racism


Yep, pretty sure this is all of it.

WATCH: Jeep escapes from tow truck

Tony Marengo says: "We are used to seeing cars get towed out of the Walgreens lot next door with lightning speed (Clark & Ontario [in north Chicago]). Usually NOT WITH A PERSON IN THE CAR, though. And this guy definitely didn't want to get towed..."

Odd video: dogs destroy wooden chair

In this silent video three dogs rip a wooden chair to shreds. Why? Who knows, but it is fascinating. [via]

Play Pac-Man in Google Maps today


Yes, it's almost April Fool's Day, the national day of acting like a jerk with impunity, but this is no trick: You can play Pac-Man in Google Maps right now. Just zoom in to your neighborhood or any interesting tangle of roads, click the Pac-Man icon in the lower left, let the game begin. You'll have more fun if you pick an area with a lot of intersections and escape route -- remember, those ghosts would love to chase you to the end of a long, lonely country road and eat your face.

Note that the area of play is limited; you can't just make a game from the entirety of Manhattan, for example, and will have to zoom in on a smaller area instead. Also it only works on desktop, not on mobile. Happy chomping!

Vibrant new publication about education (and how to fix it)


Congratulations to my colleagues at Medium on the launch of BRIGHT, a new pop-up publication focused on the future of education.

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Strange sleeping sickness in Kazakhstan town


More than 100 people living in Kalachi, Kazakhstan reportedly have fallen fast asleep for days at a time and woken with some amnesia. Kalachi is near a former uranium mine but officials say the weird phenomena is not caused by radon gas but perhaps carbon monoxide poisoning.

"Carbon monoxide is definitely a factor, but I can’t tell you whether this is the main and vital factor," Sergei Lukashenko, the director of Kazakhstan's National Nuclear Centre's Radiation Safety and Ecology Institute, told the Siberian Times. "The question is why it does not go away. We have some suspicions as the village has a peculiar location and weather patterns frequently force chimney smoke to go down instead of up."

Scientists are running tests in the town that has now been nicknamed Sleepy Hollow.

Read this comic about a girl falling in love with PC games

When cartoonist Yao Xiao fell in love with video games, she was a 12-year-old girl growing up in China. Group sports had become less welcoming in adolescence, but PC games "provided a new 'arena' where I could be free of my physical form," she writes. "Somewhere not to be not safe, not protected, and not kept away. Somewhere to stay who I wanted to be."

Offworld presents Xiao's comic "Memoir of a Part-Time Knight" in its entirety; it's one of 40 comics in the upcoming lady gamer comic book anthology Chainmail Bikini, If you want your own copy of Chainmail Bikini, the Kickstarter ends tomorrow, so get on that.

Chainmail_bikini_YaoXiao_pg1 Chainmail_bikini_YaoXiao_pg2 Chainmail_bikini_YaoXiao_pg3 Chainmail_bikini_YaoXiao_pg4 Chainmail_bikini_YaoXiao_pg5 Chainmail_bikini_YaoXiao_pg6

Most users of online worlds do sex stuff


My generation of girls grew up sneaking around online, pretending to be older, pretending to be supernatural, in order to meet strangers -- more important than the fleeting strangers, though, our Buddy List of names, was finding ourselves.

These days, 59 percent of people who visit worlds like Second Life have engaged in sexual activity there. 11 percent of users have either paid for or sold sex in their online world, and only 22 percent have never gotten rude with other avatars before. I mean, that's what they said.

Two thirds of participants in a new, massive study of online games and virtual worlds have dated someone within a virtual world, while a quarter have gone on to form real-life dating relationships with their online partners. About the same amount visit virtual worlds together as a couples activity.

A massive study conducted in 2012 suggests that it's mostly people my age and older who still play in "the Metaverse," regularly visiting open, lawless virtual environments like Second Life. Gen Y-ers dominate the multiplayer game demographic -- which, with all its rules and goals and leveling, is generally considered distinct from "virtual worlds," according to the study, which was led by Georgia Tech/Northeastern's Celia Pearce and her colleagues. Pearce says this study is the first of its kind in scale and depth.

There's a big infographic of neat findings you can view here; the whole study is available to peruse here.

The featured image for this post on Offworld comes from Animations Rising, which sells custom looks and animations for Second Life avatars. 46 percent of virtual world users make some money from their online creations, and 28 percent support all their virtual world expenditures by selling online goods.

Watch: Bad chemistry jokes

What do you do with a sick chemist? If you can't helium, and you can't curium, you'll have to barium!

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Ferguson protestor describes traumatic nights following Mike Brown's death


St. Louis native Johnetta “Netta” Elzie has been one of the most active voices in the wave of Black Lives Matter protests that sprang up in response to the killing of unarmed teenager Mike Brown by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO.

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The existential dread of fighting games

All my life, winning was everything. These days I'm just proud I still show up.Read the rest

This endless folding homes GIF is mesmerizing


I can't tell if I find this GIF relaxing or overwhelming, but either way I can't stop watching it.

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Here’s a giant burrito costume


San Francisco artist and designer Lauren O. Venell makes all kinds of cool props and plushies, but this giant burrito costume might just take the cake--or in this case, the guacamole.

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Enjoy these beautiful photos of huskies walking on a frozen lake in Russia


The Verge shared some absolutely gorgeous images from photographer Fox Grom, who captured a group of Siberian huskies exploring a frozen lake in northern Russia. The lake was just beginning to thaw, which makes it look like the dogs are walking on water.

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Mad Men reading list

Screen-Shot-2013-04-09-at-8.34.15-PM-e1396386522455 The New York Public Library compiled a Mad Men Reading List of the books read by characters on the show. It's a great collection of books from the era!

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Michelle Obama’s subtle feminist fashion statement sends an empowering message to girls and women worldwide

via The White House website

via The White House website

It’s easy to scoff at an article focused on the fashion choices of female political figures. After all, we don’t usually spend time talking about what male politicians are wearing.

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Watch comedian Hannibal Buress masterfully shut down a drunk heckler at a live show

I’m a big fan of comedian Hannibal Buress’ laid-back, observational style, and he put those skills to good use when he called out a drunken heckler at his recent show in Wilmington, Delaware.

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Watch NASA astronaut Scott Kelly board the International Space Station, as he begins a year in space

Because we're clearly living in the future, you can already watch a YouTube video of NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonauts Gennady Padalka and Mikhail Kornienko boarding the International Space Station.

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Artist paints Star Wars characters using nothing but coffee

The Force is clearly strong with artist Maria A. Aristidou, who uses coffee to paint stunning portraits of Star Wars characters and other pop culture figures.

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You're the writer of a terrible video game. Can you save it?

César Astudillo, creative commons image :

You're the writer of the latest game in a once popular, lucrative game franchise called Shattergate. You've never actually played any of the Shattergate games, granted, but somehow you're writing it anyway. And you're so screwed.

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