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Poverty is a tax on cognition

In an outstanding lecture at the London School of Economics, Macarthur "genius award" recipient Sendhil Mullainathan explains his research on the psychology of scarcity, a subject that he's also written an excellent book about.

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Game of Thrones' creepy cult was inspired by Catholic reformers, says G.R.R. Martin


The current season of Game of Thrones saw the rise of a powerful sect in King's Landing, led by a down-to-Earth but ruthless leader bent on imposing religious law on Westeros's corrupt aristocracy.

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Dr. Dre Meets Ice Cube

Read the rest of the Hip Hop Family Tree comics!

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Charter to buy Time Warner Cable

asdfasgs Charter Communications plans to acquire Time Warner Cable in a $78.7bn deal. The acquisition follows an earlier attempt by Comcast to buy TWC, a plan foiled by regulators worried about lack of competition in the market for high-speed internet.

The combined company will be the second-largest U.S. cable operator and the largest in Southern California. It will be the third-largest pay TV company in the U.S. behind Comcast and the planned AT&T-DirecTV. It would be the biggest player in such major markets as New York and L.A. Overall, the combined cable company would have 23.9 million total subscribers in 41 markets, compared with Comcast’s roughly 27 million customer relations as of the end of the first quarter.

Tl;dr together they will account for 34 percent of the US cable market, and still not be as big as that beast, Comcast, with 42 percent.

3D printed precious metal science jewelry that benefits open science curriculum

Luk Cox Idoya Lahortiga, AKA Somersault 18:24, are jewelers who makes 3D printed science objects in gold, brass and silver, like the Darwinian phylogenetic tree necklace pictured above, and invests the profits in freely usable and shareable science education resources.

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Bloomberg "to announce" it has more traffic than the Wall Street Journal—but BI is thrashing everyone

traffic-yahooBut on the business news beat, they're all behind Business Insider, Forbes, and Yahoo Finance, "as defined by comScore". Yahoo is sinking, though (As is AOL Money)—it lost nearly a third of its traffic in a year, "as defined by comScore." Another winner, though, seems to be CNNMoney, ignored in the report.

The Awesome: ass-kicking girl monster-hunter FTW!

Eva Darrows's debut novel The Awesome features the most sarcastic, raunchiest, bad-ass-est heroine in recent YA history -- monster hunting has never been so outrageous.Read the rest

Expert pig trainer

In this thoroughly fascinating 1978 film we meet Tom Johnson, who trained his pigs to pray before they dined at the slop through.


Brits and Turks happiest Europeans, according to map on Internet


According to a map doing the rounds, two regions stand out where more than half the locals consider themselves happy: a broad swathe across Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England, and the central uplands of Turkey.

Smaller outposts of joy also show up the low countries, Sweden, Switzerland and western Turkey.

The map, whose provenance and sourcing is unclear (in a thread at Reddit, one poster suggests the World Values Survey), sees happiness drain as one heads into heavily urbanized areas and the east. London and Paris stand out as slightly less happy than the surrounding arcadian western countryside. Russia is an empire of misery.

Lithuanians and Hungarians report the grimmest lives of all, with less than 5 percent happy.

The map's data ends at 2008, though—before the great recession—and more recent polls suggest that Lithuanians are now at least happier than folk in other baltic states, and that the Swiss are at least as pleased with life as Brits and Turks.

Man blames park wank on cannabis


A man arrested after masturbating in a public park in Belfast, Northern Ireland, told the court that he had gotten the idea after smoking marijuana.

Vojtech Kralik, 23, of the Czech Republic, was in court facing magistrates on a charge of indecent behavior. According to the police who collared him, he admitted what he had done during interviews, the Belfast Telegraph reports: "He stated that he had smoked cannabis earlier and simply acted on the idea when it came into his head," said one officer.

After his lawyer confirmed that he was not contesting the allegation, Kralik was released on bail pending a pre-sentencing report.

Dino-chicken creation inevitable


Entirely happy to use the word "chickenosaurus," NBC News reports that scientists are getting closer to creating a throwback creature by messing with avian DNA: "From a quantitative point of view, we're 50 percent there," a professor of paleontology told them.

The illustration is by Karl Tate of

Squirrel blamed by Canadian drivers who followed too closely

ConkerWelcome A squirrel, crossing the road in Nanaimo, British Columbia, was blamed after a driver braked hard to avoid it and was rear-ended by other vehicles. Three trucks ended up in the multi-vehicle snarlup, according to the RCMP, with one damaged so badly it had to be towed.

Study suggests more gender equality in pre-agricultural age

The Croods

A new study from University College London argues that gender equality may have been the norm in the earliest days of human society.

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“Heartography” lets dogs take pictures whenever they’re excited

In case you wanted to know what gets Fido’s heart racing, Nikon has a new camera that does just that.

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Coldplay turns Game Of Thrones into a musical

Chris Martin reveals his unexpectedly solid comedy chops in this Red Nose Day sketch. Oh and Peter Dinklage sings.

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Feminist Mad Max meme is an MRA’s nightmare


The Tumblr Feminist Mad Max combines the feminist charms of the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” meme with the feminist charms of Mad Max: Fury Road.

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Screw the techno-determinists -- give me hope instead

In my latest Guardian Column If one thing gives me hope for the future, it’s the cause of ​internet freedom, I talk about the myth that technology activists are "techno-determinists" -- we fight not because we know we'll win, but because we believe there's a possibility that we might not lose.

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